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Patek Philippe 5970 – Worthless


Patek screws up. Big time.

What? What’s the problem? Well, you simply cannot rapidly and accurately read the stopwatch time between 27 and 33 seconds as the calender cuts in to the stopwatch scale. 0/10 for function Patek. Sorry, but it’s just not acceptable to make GLARING FUNCTIONAL ERRORS on watches this expensive. However, it is becoming more and more common through the industry. I can quote other examples but why bother? Nobody seems interested. These type of watches remain sales successes with the general public and get worshipped even by the cognoscenti. Here’s the 5970 and question is, what’s the stopwatch time?

Patek Philippe 5970 – Pasta Timer or True Chronograph? [Velociphile’s Journey into Watches]

Luminox Quadrum


Interesting new Luminox beast. Very Panerai.

Matte Black Dial.
Stainless steel 46 mm case with hinged crown protector.
Screw in case back with double o-ring crown.
Water resistant to10 atm/100 meters.
Fixed bezel.
Tempered scratch resistant mineral glass crystal.
Swiss quartz movement with date.

Luminox quadrum – men’s luminox watch.

Longines Lindbergh Hour Angle


I never liked Longines, but this thing is beautiful!

My Longines Lindberg Hour Angle 47mm! [BigWatchForum]

Twelve 5-9 G


New TokyoFlash beast.

The top grid represents the hours, the center part has the 10x minutes grid, and the bottom part has the minutes.

Twelve 5-9 G Not Wireless, It’s A Watch [Gizmodo]

Stanley Digital Screwdriver Watch


Get outta here.

Stanley Digital Watch With Integrated Screwdriver [Alice Hill’s Real Tech News – Independent Tech]

easyWatch.com – It Lives!


I had heard of this a while ago and now it’s live – EasyWatch by the founder of EasyJet. It’s like Swatch for the 21st century, I guess. Disposable, classy, and… er… disposable?

easyWatch.com :buy quality watches online from Stelios, the founder of easyJet [EasyWatch.com]

MSN Direct Weather Station


SPOT is pretty much dead – Tissot is pulling out and Fossil is find of done with it as well – but I guess this is a good solution. It’s a weather station that runs on MSN Direct. Not quite a watch, but close.

Oregon Scientific MSN Direct Weather Station Pricing and Review Information [SpotStop]

Suunto M9i


The Suunto M9i is a GPS watch for sailors. based on the M9, it’s essentially one of the smallest GPS timepieces out there. It’s got a USB that connects to a laptop to track your course over the uncharted miles. Quite nice.

Suunto M9i – The world’s smallest wrist worn GPS [Travelizmo]

Erotic Watches


A buddy of mine sent me a crazy book on erotic watches. These things are just about kookie as can be. You’ve got a really nice pocket watch or or minute repeater and you flip the bugger over and you’ve got nekkid folk wiggling away. I found this site that sells some nice little samples of the work and I know that Blancpain is working on rekindling the art.

These things were pretty much the Deep Throat of their day and every sly raconteur carried one.

Product Page [EroticWatches]

Tissot T-Race Chronograph Watch


Another nice Tissot. I don’t like the quartz chronos, but that’s not a biggie.

Every element of the T-Race recalls these two-wheeled sports, from the crown protection and bezel with its slanting ventilation shafts, inspired by the braking discs, to the rubber tire-track bracelet, the speedometer-like counters on the dial and the very material of the case itself in a new synthetic mix high in carbon fiber.

Stylish and Sporty Tissot T-Race Chronograph Watch [WristDreams]