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New Orsa Limited Edition



Orsa just released a new model – a dark, massive diver in the Sea Angler range – and there are only 30 left of this limited-edition series. I’m going to say “hotness” and suggest you get over there right now.

Product Page [Orsa]

What is the First Watch You Would Buy?



My imagination sometimes get the better of me and I can easily while away hours daydreaming. Today, my thoughts turned to those eight meat processing workers who split at $365 million powerball jackpot recently. From there, I jumped to the Mega Millions lottery, which today, stands at $42 million for the next drawing on Tuesday. From there, amid images of rolling around in cash, naturally my thoughts went to watches.

If you suddenly came into millions of dollars, what would be the first watch you would purchase? The lotto check has just cleared and you’re ready to spend. Tell me, what would be your first choice?

I think I would go with something a little odd, a little unusual. Something that I wouldn’t normally buy. For example, it’s conceivable that some day I’ll save up enough tips from my job as a Chippendale dancer and I’ll buy a Rolex or a Panerai. And although I would certainly purchase those timepieces with my lottery earnings, I still think my very first puchase would be something different. I’m leaning towards the Graham Chronofighter. Unusual, off-beat, yet still timeless and classy. I’m sure I could come up with tons more alternatives, and certainly more expensive ones, but that’s the first off the top of my head.

Let’s hear your lotto dreams… what’s the first watch you would buy with your winnings?

Is the Horological Tank Full?



Robert Jan over at the always informative Fratellow Watches featured an interesting new Dunhill timepiece. The Wheel Watch is inspired by old motors and the crown is hidden by the bezel.

Very intriguing piece. Learn more about it at the A. Dunhill LTD Timepieces website

Top 10 Geek Watches



The informative Productdose explains that James Bond was the model for someone who could turn “dorky into dapper at the flick of a wrist.” And although his watch gadgets were decidedly deadly, they unfortunately remained fictional instruments. But channeling the spirit of 007, the website chose The Top 10 Geek Watches

In addition to the always enjoyable Equalizer High Frequency LED watch from TokyoFlash, I think my favorite was the tape-a-licious Vestal Microdat timepiece.

Review: Reveal Watch


Writing about a watch like the Reveal is like writing about music. You can make a few educated statements, but it all comes down to taste. Hopefully, I’m tapping into the general WWR feeling towards this piece when I say it’s a fascinating watch and very cool even if it’s a bit to austere for my complication-happy taste.

Seiko Bluetooth Watch


It may be ugly, but it kind of shows where we’re all headed. This watch reacts to your phone like a Bluetooth headset. It vibrates on calls, tells you who’s calling, and allows you to set phone configurations from your wrist. It’s also huge.

Seiko Shows Cellphone-Friendly Bluetooth Watch [Gizmodo]

Busy Busy…


I’m going to be in Hanover next week for CeBIT and tomorrow I have to ride to Boston to be interviewed for the local Fox News affiliate—I know! Anyway, I’ll be reviewing the Reveal watch and the amazing new diver from D.Freemont as soon as I have 5 minutes to myself.

Timeflex: Fake But Cool


timflex_small-1.jpgInteresting design-ware watch. It’s not in production yet, but soon? Never? Who knows.

Non permanent, self-gumming watch “timeflex” designed for using in situations when individual time control is necessary, but personal watch is difficult to access (swimming, sunbathing, working in laboratory, during going in for sports) & other situations where man uses working clothe. You can just stick it on your clothe or skin and use until you need.

Timeflex by Igor Solovyov & Maria Solovyova [YankoDesign]

Reviews: Omega DeVille Co-Axial GMT



I love Omega, but, the DeVille line kind of confuses me. The design is kind of off and the skinny numerals have a certain tacked-on look that I just can’t stomach. However, this GMT gained 2 seconds in a month and is just about as high quality an Omega as possible.

As a watch enthusiast, I have a certain degree of obsessional neurosis and a compulsive preoccupation with some aspects of watch design. One aspect is legibility and I must confess that I am very pleased with the DeVille. The contrast between the white dial and the rose gold hands & markers is beautiful and makes this a very legible watch.

TimeZone: Watch Reviews: Omega DeVille Co-Axial GMT (revised) [TimeZone]