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The Mondaine Swiss Railways Classic


From TheSportingLife.net – A timeless timepiece is a rare thing; manufactuers, like the people who design the clothes we wear and the food we eat, are subject to the temptestuous winds of change. Swiss watch-maker Mondaine has arisen to stand boldly against the onslaught of ever-changing fasion trends with their Railways Classic, a sleek, minimalistic timepiece that server its purpose with the timeless beauty of other classics like aviator sunglasses and the little black dress.

The face is enclosed in a sturdy stainless steel construction and the slim black leather band draws attention to the beauty and simplicity of the piece. Though not pictured, you can also pick up a flavor with a date adjacent to three o’clock. The only qualm is that on the time-and-date watches, you’ll have to reset the date to the first each month, because of the design mechanism that rotates the individual wheels. A minor price to pay for a classy, classic watch that will have a place in your wardrobe until the end of time.

Mondaine: The World’s Best Watch Is Useless If You Can’t Read The Time

Cabestan $220,000 Wristwatch


cabestan_watch.jpgThis looks like an exercise in “odd design” but I suppose there are a few interesting innovations here. This was made by the same bloke, Jean-François Ruchonnet, who created the TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Concept Watch. I’m not quite understanding this whole thing, but here’s a quick discussion:

Winding the watch and setting the hour and minutes are effected using a winding stem in the form of a movable “winch” that links directly to one of the small “capstans” that are found at the four exterior angles of the case: at the upper left, it acts directly on the fusee and, by the intermediary of the chain, allows the barrel to be wound; at the upper right, it acts on the minute cylinder which is connected to that of the hours. The two other small “capstans” are only there for decoration and to complete the aesthetics of the case. Once the small winch is used, it is easily stored in the buckle of the watch’s bracelet.

Complication for complication’s sake? You decide.

Operation Cabestan: When two independents come together to shake up the world of watches [EuropaStar]

Readers Survey Reminder



Help us help you this year. Fill out our 1st Annual WWR reader’s survey and register to win a black Nooka ZOT watch courtesy of Nooka.com. Deadline for entries is Midnight, January 31, 2006.

All email addresses will be destroyed after the contest is over. Please tell us what you think about WWR and tell us a bit about yourself so we can expand and improve our coverage next year.

Survey Site

Review: Sorna Bullhead Chronograph



In an effort to find an inexpensive, vintage chronograph, I’ve been hunting on Ebay for Sorna watches. The Sorna brand, which was once a relatively powerful figure in the mechanical industry – laid to waste, obviously, by the flood of cheap quartz pieces in the 1980s – is now being used to flog those selfsame cheap quartz pieces that I had no interest in. The only other Sorna piece I could find, then, was a nasty world time watch that looked like Captain America had just gotten over some constipation. Therefore, I was stuck with considering Jacky Ickx bullhead chronos. Instead of a Jacky Ickx, however, I just picked up just an “Icky” Sorna chronograph that has a certain, if dubious, charm.

MotoFrwd – The Ninja Watch


futurewatch.gifWristFashion.com pointed out this interesting entry in the MotoFrwd competition sponsored by Motorola. The contest encourages entrants to envision next generation communications gadgets.

As you tighten the band on your wrist watch, the mass solid state storage and main computer on the
watch interfaces with your glasses via next generation Bluetooth data connection. Your watch and
your glasses comprise your Personal Information and Computing System (PICS). It is your PDA,
your personal GPS navigation platform, cell phone, MP3 player, credit card, and more!

Motorola PICS-0001 [Motorola]

Absolutely Custom


WuS has one man’s quest for the PERFECT watch. The story he tells is an incredible tribute to watchmaking and patience.

Long story with loads of pics about my ‘little’ watch project 😉 [WatchuSeek

Are Mechanical Watches Disposable?


Great thread at WuS about mechanicals – are they so ubiquitous that they are disposable? And are they even worth fixing anymore, thanks to outrageous service prices?

Are our affordable mechanical watches becoming “disposable”? [WatchuSeek]

Wrist Shots of Entire Collections


The WuS folks must be drinking this morning because they’re posting wrist shots of their whole – albeit impressive – collections.

Got a wrist shot collection? [WatchuSeek]

A Chrono Regained


Omega Speedmaster Chronograph Moon Watch Mens Watch 3570.50

OmegaBlogger, who has been on hiatus for about 50 years now, just posted a great story about a fella who bought a new old stock Speedmaster that had been lying in state in a safe deposit box for 36 years.

It was her father’s watch, he passed away in the early 70’s his wife just passed away this year(2005) . The watch sat in a safe deposit box since her husband passed away in the early 70’s. When she died her daughter became executer of her estate when the deposit box was opened there sat this watch,neither she or her siblings wanted to keep it ,so it was put up for sale ,I saw the ad,wanted it and bought it.

A Happy Speedmaster New Year! [OmegaBlogger]

Omega – Olympic-tastic Part Deux



Omega just launched SIX more chronos for the Olympics Timeless Collection. I’m going to go through them all very quickly, but they’re all generally styled like the 1932 pocket watch we just posted and all of them have the little Olympic logo dongle hanging off of the seconds hand. They’re a bit too Rah-Rah Go Olympics for my taste, but to each their own.

First up:

The Speedmaster Date in the OMEGA Olympic Timeless Collection has red chronograph hands and blued-steel hour, minute and small seconds hands set against a white dial. Available exclusively with a matching stainless-steel bracelet, it retains the typical Speedmaster feature of a tachometer scale engraved on the stainless-steel bezel and has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. This chronograph is powered by the OMEGA calibre 1152 self-winding chronograph movement, which has an exclusive rhodium-plated finish and a power reserve of 44 hours. The Speedmaster Date of the OMEGA Olympic Timeless Collection is water resistant to 30 metres / 100 feet.