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Review: Abacus SPOT Watch



From Gizmodo.com – Let’s get one thing straight. We were about to write off SPOT. The technology, while very cool, has thus far been limited to a few geek watches and weather stations that the average Joe—the guy who might want to wear a watch rather than check the time on his cellphone—would consider picking one up.

That has changed, thanks to Microsoft’s decision to create a SPOT watch that anyone—from jock to dork to nerd to alternakid—would wear. I know that sounds like a shallow assessment, but it’s the truth. The one thing holding back SPOT was mass acceptance and understanding of the concepts behind this FM-radio based data transfer system. Now that Microsoft will have to explain the SPOT concepts to the rest of the free world, we’re might just be ready for a blossoming of the service into something ubiquitous and useful.

Omega Announced Sponsor of SolarImpulse


If you thought Virgin’s Richard Branson had huevos of steel, you should see what Nick Hayek and Stephen Urquhart are going to do. The CEO of Swatch and President of Omega, respectively, announced Omega as the sponsor of SolarImpulse project. The purpose? To fly a plane around the world in a plane powered only by the sun.

The SolarImpulse challenge consists in conceiving an airplane capable of taking off autonomously, then climbing to an altitude of 12,000 metres, and maintaining its flight for several days with no fuel, propelling itself by means only of the solar cells mounted on its wings. In addition, it will have to use the energy accumulated during the day, not only to maintain its flight, but also to recharge its batteries and to ensure its flight at night. The pilot must ensure that each evening his batteries are full and that he maximises the available energy to stay aloft until the following dawn.

I suppose if I were stinking rich I’d be doing crazy stuff too.

WatchSearcher: Watches Found


logo.gifFratello discusses watchsearcher.com, a service that allows you to register your watchs and reclaim them if they’re lost or stolen. Apprently this works quite well:

“I have enjoyed this site for some time now( maybe two years now)but have never posted anything. Approximately 6 months ago my PAM 118 was stolen from my home and I thought I would never see it again.( a police report filed,etc.) My wife,who had bought it for me,searched E-bay relentlessly. One night she yelled for me to come to the computer.There it was!To make a long story short the police recovered the watch and it is on my wrist at this very moment. Friends and family were relieved but I felt the need to share this with my fellow Paneristi with those whom can truly understand ( this is not just any watch).”

Stolen Watch Found [Fratellowatches.com]

The New Fossil Abacus SPOT Watch



Just got to spend some time with the new SPOT family from Fossil and I can unequivocally say that they’ve finally gotten SPOT right. The watches are attractive, have a better battery, and are 3mm thinner than previous SPOT offerings and they look like something the average watch buyer would be proud to wear. These things will start at $179 and come with leather and metal straps. These photos, taken with my camera phone, give you a general idea what these new models will look like but we’ll be doing a formal review in the next few days.

Harry Connick Jr. and Longines Release Five Limited Edition Watches For Charity


Longines and Harry Connick Jr. are together again. Raising funds for HC Jr.’s various charities, five Longines limited edition watches will be sold at $8,500 each through their website at www.longines.com.

The five exclusive Longines evidenza limited edition watches will have a timeless tonneau-shaped rose gold case with case-back signed by Harry. Other features include: chocolate brown 39.4mm/40mm dial with white sub-dials and roman numerals, automatic movement caliber L650 and chocolate brown alligator strap.

The Pajama Game is extending its run for a series of benefit performances for the “Actors’ Fund of America, The New Orleans Habitat Musicians’ Village and Roundabout Theatre Company’s Education Programs & Musical Theatre Fund”. In addition to being an actor, a performer, and an Apple Fan, Harry’s also their brand’s ambassador and “Icon of Elegance”. Good on you for your charity work.

Photo courtesy of Internet Zillionaire

Tissot and AMD Together For NASCAR


Tissot and AMD are working together to implement NASCAR’s Timing and Scoring system. Combining their computer know-how and Swiss timing know-how, the two will “strive toward increasing the accuracy of ‘freeze the field,’ which is the procedure NASCAR follows once the caution flag is issued, and to enhance the experience for the fans through the use of this information by the sport’s media partners.”

Plus, they get their name in huge letters on the side of a bad ass truck the likes of which haven’t been seen since Knight Rider.

Tissot Sponsors Watkins Glen Indy Grand Prix


In addition to being the “Official Timekeeper” and “Official Watch” of the event through the 2006 season, the official race will be called “the 2nd Annual Watkins Glen Indy Grand Prix presented by Tissot”.

Tissot established a partnership with Danica Patrick, racer and lad-mag model, and will be announcing her T-Touch Limited Edition watch. Only 500 will be produced. Hot stuff!

Image courtesy of Hotrod

Rolex GMT-Master II


Just take a look at this watch and you won’t have to wonder why they’re top notch in watches. Mmmm, Rolodex Rolex. It’s going to take a lot of panhandling to afford this.

New Rolex GMT-Master II [Professional Watches]

Fashionable MP3 Watches


These MP3 watches actually look halfway decent, and not like a $15 Casio. If I were into wearing music on my wrist, I’d pick one up.

MP3 Watches [Popgadget]

Weird Email Problem


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