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Kicking it old school with the AAASY Supercolor


So, you say you’ve really got a thing for the digital watches of the 80s and 90s, but you don’t want to buy one that has not had any updates since it was first introduced? Yes, there are some models out there like that, mainly from our friends at Casio. However, if you want something that’s a bit more of a modern retro take – with more than a splash of color – then the AASY Supercolor may be your particular jam.


The G-Shock Mudmaster goes lightweight


If you’re familiar with G-Shock’s you’ll know that the Mudmaster – or, per Casio, MUDMASTER – is the beefiest of the beef. Designed to survive, well, mud, they feature both shock resistance and water resistance with an eye to easy cleaning.

Now the brand has come out with a three new GGB100 pieces “with an updated Carbon Core Guard Structure and triple-layered carbon-insert bezel” which means you can probably hit these things with a truck.

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The August 2019 WWR Giveaway: The Ovi Watch Prunus


It’s the start of a new month, so you know what that means – it’s time for a new giveaway! This time around, we’ve got one of the more interesting watches I’ve had the pleasure to review, the Ovi Watch Prunus.

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My kids get new backpacks every few years. They take them to school, beat them up, and in June – when the last school bell rings and they rush home – they dump the backpacks on the kitchen floor and roar into summer.

But something weird happens in the intervening days. The knapsacks, worn thin by use, gain a second life. Emptied of papers and books they become sleepover carriers, adventure packs, toy holders. My kids stuff them into overhead bins when we fly to see grandma and they drag them with us when we go on bike rides.

Breitling is now selling an Ironman watch


While most folks associate Ironman watches with rugged Timex timepieces Breitling has just entered the fray with something a bit higher-end. The Superocean Automatic 44 IRONMAN Limited Edition is a wild piece – essentially a three-hander with Super-LumiNova lume and a 1,000 meter depth rating – with massive Ironman branding on the front.

Diving into the Isotope Goutte d’Eau


Isotope is a brand I first wrote about last year (LINK) but that was from afar, based on what I could see from the photos and description in a campaign funding page. More recently, however, we were able to spend time with a couple of models from the brand. Today, we’ll tell you what we think about the Isotope Goutte d’Eau.

Introducing the Christopher Ward C1 Moonglow


This really is turning out to be a banner year for moon phase watches. There have always been a few, but it really seems like there are a lot more being announced this year. It could simply be that I’m noticing them more due to a friend’s interest in the complication, but I don’t think that’s the whole story. Earlier this year I went hands on with a Christopher Ward moonphase watch, and they’re back with another, more luminous one – the Christopher Ward C1 Moonglow.

Back to basics with the Formex Element


Today, we’re reviewing the Formex watch that many of you are most familiar with. Previously, we’ve looked at the Formex Pilot Chronograph and the Formex Essence Chronometer, which is their take on a dress watch. In terms of design, the Formex Element Chronograph sort of splits the difference between those two watches, and we got to spend some time with a loaner recently.

Afternoon Beer Break: Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing


Today, we’ll be talking about a beer that has been popping up on Instagram quite a bit as of late, and one that I was pleasantly surprised by. You see, I’ve not been terribly impressed by what I’ve had from Sierra Nevada in the past. I had picked up a sampler from Costco, and what it contained was just “ok”. Nothing I’d think of buying again. So, when I was at the store and saw the Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing at a good price (under $8 if I recall), I figured I’d give the brewery one more chance.

A true kickstarter, it’s the Altitude Pilot Watch


It seems that I’ve been having a lot of Flieger-style (or Flinger-Inspired) watches crossing my virtual desk these days. Many of these have taken other designs and mixed it up with a Flieger handset. IF you want something that is a bit more of a traditional, barebones style Flieger, then the Altitude Pilot Watch may be the one for you.