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Happy Thanksgiving!


Cheers from all of us at WristWatchReview. Thanks for reading us, thanks for hanging with us, and thanks for being the nicest group of watch lovers on the Internet. All the best to you and yours from Joanna, Victor, Neal, John, Patrick, Eric, Jeffrey, Jim, and Ken.

Bawk bawk!

MQT makes thin, light, and beautiful quartzes


Quartz watches are a stick in my craw. The 1970s Quartz Crisis dealt a great deal of damage to the watchmaking industry – arguably it was in no position to fight back – but ultimately they destroyed much of what was great about classic watches. So when I see a quartz watch I’m immediately suspect. Luckily, MQT hits all the right spots and seems to be doing everything just right.

Introducing the Bronze TC-9 Lunarscope


I have reviewed several watches from TC-9, and they all have been great. All the ones I have reviewed have been vintage style divers, which I am a fan of, but now they have a new model that’s not a diver and I – am – liking it! Their new model is the TC-9 Lunarscope Chronograph. TC-9 was kind enough to send me out one to review, so lets check this thing out.

Introducing the Mido Ocean Star Diver 600


I’ve looked at a few different Mido watches over the last couple of years, and while they have been a variety of types and styles, it’s safe to say that none of them were purpose-built dive watches.  That’s not something that the brand has really focused on or put to the forefront.  Well, that changes with today’s release of the Mido Ocean Star Diver 600.

Getting cozy with the Freewaters Jeffrey slippers


As you’re aware, we like to check out the menswear world to bring you items that would be of interest, things that are affordable, and sort of up your style game to the level of attention you lavish on your watches.  We’ve reviewed several different pairs of boots and sneakers, and those are great for the outdoors and commute.  But what about when you’re just relaxing at the house? As the weather turns cooler, you may be looking for a pair of slippers to warm those toes.  And hey, if they’re built so you’re in the clear to wander out to the mailbox, all the better.  Well, that’s precisely what the Freewaters Jeffrey slippers have to offer.

A crowd-funded watch-buying club? That’s what Zew Box is offering!


Watch-buying clubs have had some ups and downs, with some fairly high profile ones quietly closing their doors this year.  On the flip side of the consumer coin, monthly box subscriptions seem to be all the rage, with all manner of themed ones on offer.  Mash those two together, and you’ve got yourself a watch-subscription quarterly box club, all under the moniker of Zew Box.

I just can’t get enough of the Rado True Thinline


Oh, Rado, how you have charmed me.  This year, I’ve gone from not paying a whole lot of attention to the brand, to becoming rather a fan of what they’re producing – hence the song-derived title of the article.  As we all know by now, they’re masters of working with ceramic, and that shows up in their cases and bracelets.  I first went hands-on with one over at ABlogtoWatch last month, and now this time around, it’s you, our WWR readers, who get the review love.  Today, we’re taking a look at the Rado True Thinline.

The Altitude Flieger is soaring onto Kickstarter


While there are a lot of brands producing fliegers (aka, those very German-style pilot watches), we have not seen a lot of them come up on Kickstarter.  Sure, we did cover a quartz one a little bit ago (here), but divers seem to be much more popular.  Well, no matter. If you like the flieger style, but want something of a Swiss automatic nature, then the Altitude Flieger is one you’re going to want to check out.

Odor-free workout socks? That’s what the MP Magic Socks are offering!


We’ve focused on a variety of different items you might want to take with you to the gym, including fitness-tracking watches and even shoes.  One thing we’ve never really talked about were socks.  And, well, why would we?  Socks themselves are pretty boring, and most folks just are going to opt for whatever inexpensive cotton ones they can find.  Myself, I’ve become very partial to the Darn Tough wool socks, and use those for my primary workout (and daily wear) socks, as they’re warm, moisture wicking, and pretty odor resistant.  Well, these socks from MP Magic Socks are looking to take the odor resistance up a few notches.

You looking for a pen to carry with you for the rest of your life?


When it comes to pens, you’ve got a lot of different avenues you can go.  You can go cheap and plentiful (think the ones stocked at the office) that are just replaced whenever it breaks, runs out, or is lost.  You can get very compact (and sometimes weapon-ish) ones if you’re going the tactical EDC route.  There are also very high-end luxury pens, made of exotic materials and the like.  So, in many ways, they’re a lot like watches.  Well, the pen I ran across on Kickstarter kind of takes the best of many categories – made of metal (so it lasts forever), takes standard refills, is sleek and minimal, and is built right here in the good ol’ US of A.  Given the decided lack of a name on the KS page, I’m just going to call this The Pen from Modern Fuel.