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Introducing the Undone Urban 34 Killy


By now, you are no doubt familiar with the watches that Undone has been creating. They’ve got a sort of hybrid custom/stock sort of a thing going on, and have released several iterations of their designs. Most of those have focused on bigger case sizes generally aimed at the guys. Now, they’ve got one just for the ladies – the Undone Urban 34 Killy.

Get your glow on with the Tockr Air-Defender Lume


Tockr is a brand that (unfairly or not) I’ve not had a lot of exposure to. I’ve never seen one in person, and I had just never had a release grab my attention. At least, that is, until the news of the Tockr Air-Defender Lume crossed my digital desk.

Getting carved up – it’s the Egard Bermuda


Yesterday’s watch almost reveled in it’s elegant simplicity. What if you want something with, shall we say, a bit more flash to it? On Instagram, I’ve seen photos of watches that skilled engravers have gotten a hold of (and you know what, even Magrette has done some), and I find them amazing to behold. Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, but I like the look. All of that handwork can raise prices a good bit, though. This new Egard Bermuda looks to help address that.

Getting thin and crispy with the D1 Milano Ocean


I have to say – sub-40mm watches are having a bit of a resurgence, and I, for one, am loving it. And I know my fellow writers here at WWR agree. Sure, that big statement piece can be fun (and thinks like an URWERK or MB&F just need big canvases), but for an every day piece, something more compact is where it’s at. Throw in ultra-thin? You have my attention, and that’s what we’ve got with the D1 Milano Ocean.

Bell & Ross gives you a heads up display on your wrist


The BR 03-92 is a the kind of watch that defines the Bell & Ross aesthetic. Bold, weird, and aimed at aviators, it’s a ceramic piece with an all-black design and enough lume to light up a dark cockpit.

For Star Wars Day, you can get a Citizen


While I won’t say that Star Wars as much of a cultural touchstone for me growing up (we were more of a Star Trek house, but I appreciate both franchises), I totally don’t mind celebrating Star Wars Day (you know, May the Fourth). And, if you want a watch to commemorate the day – particularly on the 40th anniversary of Empire Strikes Back, Citizen has you covered.

With the C60 Sapphire, Christopher Ward makes the move into TV


We’re used to seeing watches advertised, be it on billboards, in magazines, or in ads on the internet. Where we don’t expect to see it – except perhaps for higher-end brands – is on television. Well, Christopher Ward likes to disrupt things, and they’ve made a commercial for their new watch (which we talked about here).

It’s the little things – like the Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba


After many years seeing the trend of overly-large watches take center stage (full disclosure, I used to be a big fan of 46mm case as well), we’ve seen the pendulum swing the other direction. Some of it is to appeal to everyone (and not have distinctly his or hers watches), and some of it is just giving support to the idea that, yeah, smaller watches can wear nicely as well. One of the latest to acknowledge that is the Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba.

You see it clearly – it’s the Christopher Ward C60 Sapphire


While you may not be down with all of the nomenclature, you are aware of the Christopher Ward C60 Trident lineup. It’s been seeing a lot of design changes and tweaks lately. It’s sort of like that universal platform that just lends itself to mods, it seems. The latest of these? The Christopher Ward C60 Sapphire.

Spelunking with the Feynman Cove


So, remember a bit back when we brought you word of the Feynman Cove? I found myself enamored of the dial design (particularly the hidden luminous wave), and as fortune would have it, we were able to spend some time with a prototype. Handy, since while the Kickstarter is closed, preorders for the Feynman Cove are currently open.