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Timex goes Coke


Watches like the Q Timex are just about perfect. They’re less than $200, run simple quartz movements, and look like something out of a 1970s conversation pit. Now there’s even more to love.

Salvage the selvedge with the Oris X Momotaro Divers 65


At this point in time, you are no doubt familiar with the Oris Divers 65 lineup. You may own one, have a friend that has one, or you’ve seen reviews on the line (such as this one from Victor). I last looked at one almost three years ago (here), but when the Oris X Momotaro version came up for a review loaner, I was intrigued.

The Grand Seiko SBGR321 is a slice of sunrise for your wrist


I cannot say that I’ve ever seen Mt. Iwate, let alone a sunrise washing over it. However, for their 60th annivesary, Grand Seiko has released a watch – the SBGR321 – that pulls inspiration from that early-morning scene.

The Zenith Defy doesn’t care if you like black or white


That’s right – when I saw the word of this new release from Zenith, that Michael Jackson tune is what immediately came to mind. Then again, that’s a message that these watches aren’t coming anywhere near. It just so happens that the Zenith Defy 21 and Defy Classic Black & White seamlessly combine the two hues.

The Vincero Marble, celebrating an anniversary


Hey, do you guys remember Vincero? We wrote about their marble watches (in a hands-on review, here) almost six years ago. Well, they’re still making watches, and recently introduced two limited-edition versions of the marble automatic to celebrate hitting that six-year mark.

Introducing the latest Ball Roadmaster Archangel


We here at WWR are big fans of tritium in watches, and Ball has been doing it that up on their dials for ages. Within their lineup, I’ve got specific things that I like (and like less), but anytime there’s a cyclops showing up on the crystal, I like to take a closer look. As luck would have it, two of the recently-released Ball Roadmaster Archangel models have that precise feature.

Happy Labor Day!



Here in the States, it’s a long holiday weekend known as Labor Day Weekend. Â Rather than try to throw some half-baked articles at you, I decided instead to give you the gift of time.  In other words, we’re taking a break for the weekend, and we’ll be back to full speed on Tuesday. In the meantime? Have a happy Labor Day.

Image via 123rf.com

Panerai brings two new watches to the table to close out summer


Pandemic? What pandemic? OH, that one. Well, it’s here for awhile, and product development cycles are long and deliver when they deliver. So, while you might wonder at the idea of launching luxury watches these days, the product lifecycle must go on. Which is how we’re arriving at talking about two new watches from Paneai.

Read about your Accutron while you wear your Accutron


Yes, that’s right – there’s some Pimp My Ride levels of recursion going on here. However, if a brand is going to try and reinvent itself – and further separate from the parent it sprang from – then a new book isn’t the worst way to go. The new book? ACCUTRON: From the Space Age to the Digital Age.

Finding a new favorite in the Christopher Ward C65 Sandhurst


Now, before anyone gets all up in arms about that headline – declaring a “favorite” comes with some caveats. In this case, I’m declaring this to be my new favorite three-hander from CW. That was a position held – for a very long time – by their C60 Trident that I reviewed 8 years ago. These days, of course, I do like a great GMT, but there is a time and place for the simplicity of a three-hander. When you mix in the fact that the Christopher Ward C65 Sandhurst is available in a very tasty compact case size? Well, it’s moved to the head of the CW class.