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No two ways about it – the Parmigiani Fleurier Toric Fleur is pretty


Yesterday, we were talking about a watch for the guys; today, we’re going to cover one that’s very much for the ladies. Last week, in the modified Watches & Wonders show, Parmigiani introduced several new watches. While they’re all clever designs, the one that stood out for me was the Parmigiani Fleurier Toric Fleur.

Looking for a Father’s Day Gift Idea? Why not Tutima?


It was about a year ago when the Tutima Sky collection was released, and we brought you word. Well, Father’s day is coming up in about a month’s time, so perhaps you’re looking to get something for dad – or yourself (we won’t judge). If so, the Tutima Sky may be in order.

Introducing the Shinola Detrola Radio Flyer


You know me – if Shinola is talking about a new model, well, I’m at least taking a peak. We’ve talked about their Detrola lineup before, which brings colorful designs (and a resin case) to the table. Well, this time around, they’re pairing up with an iconic part of childhood, and introducing the Shinola Detrola Radio Flyer.

Breitling made a rainbow Superocean to celebrate health heroes

Superocean Heritage '57 Limited Edition II - A new rainbow in support of our frontline heroes

Breitling’s Heritage ’57 made a splash a few weeks ago and now the company is offering a new rainbow version whose proceeds will go to health organizations who are fighting the global pandemic.

Pretend you’ve got an arc reactor with the Citizen Tony Stark


Collaborations between comic companies and watch brands are nothing new. I’ve talked about several different Batman ones, but as of late, Marvel seems to have taken much of the spotlight. One of the more recent ones is the Citizen Tony Stark.

Oppa Flieger Style! with the Torgoen T42


As I mentioned in our review last week, Torgoen is known for their watches having aviation themes. So, it should surprise no one that they’ve got a Flieger-style design in the catalog, and that was the second one we had come in for review. So, without further ado, let’s talk about the Torgoen T42.

This sweet grid Casio is laser-carved


Holy wow is this thing cool. It’s basically a Full Metal G-Shock made of stainless steel that features a laser-engraved face that turns the entire watch into a grid.


Put the lunar surface on your wrist with the Yema SpaceGraf Zero-G


Back when we first talked about the Yema SpaceGraf Zero-G (here), we told you we were working on getting a loaner in for review. It took a little time for it to cross the Atlantic (as Yema calls France home) but it got here safely, and quickly found its way onto my wrist. That means it’s now time to tell you what we thought about the Yema SpaceGraf Zero-G.

Getting bright with the Torgoen T18 Chronograph


There was a point in time that the aeronautically-themed Torgoen was very much in our sights, and we had covered a number of their watches. Over the past few years, though, they sort of fell off of our radar (pun intended). Well, we’ll change that up today with a review of the Torgoen T18 Chronograph, one of two watches we had come in recently from the brand.

Traveling back in time with the Rado Golden Horse 1957


As I mentioned in an earlier review, having watches show up with sub-40mm cases is a fun trend we’re seeing more of. Some of those are new designs, and some of those are calling back to designs in a catalog from decades ago. That’s precisely what we’ve got in this 37mm Rado Golden Horse 1957 that was introduced earlier this year and just became available in March.