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Introducing the Minuteman Independence

Patrick Kansa By Patrick Kansa

I have been aware of the Minuteman brand for some time now, but the watches they were creating really never piqued my interest. Sure, the concept behind the brand – using watch sales to assist veteran’s charities – is admirable, and now they finally have a watch that I think merits some discussion, regardless of whatever other good work may be done by the brand (just consider it a bonus). So, with that, let’s see what the Minuteman Independence has to offer.


Watching the Web for January 30, 2016

Matt Himmelstein By Matt Himmelstein

It seems like just yesterday that 2016 came upon us, and it is already 1/12 of the way into the books. So today I will present our final Watching the Web for the month of January, our weekly look at all things horological on the web, and a recap of what you found most interesting on our own site. Casting my web out to other sites, A Blog to Watch takes us to SIHH, A Timely Perspective shows us another piece from the show, and Monochrome shows off the very cool MCT Sequential One. From our own site, we have reviews of the Lum-Tec combat B33 GMT, the Minuteman Independence, and the LIV Genesis X1-A.