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Introducing the Janus Dual Time


When I think of tracking another time zone, my mind goes to the GMT complication. Then again, you could opt for a world-timer, or even a simple 12-hour bezel that you can offset. Or, you could go even simpler (but more complex from a packaging perspective) and put two movements into a case. And that’s what we’ve got with the Janus Dual Time.

Back before I even knew that GMT movements and watches were a thing, I had a dual-time watch. It was actually a Skagen, and it was the watch I bought and wore for my wedding. So while I don’t have a tremendous use for this layout today in my preferences, it does hold a certain sentimental soft spot for me.

As you might expect, the Janus Dual Time features a larger case (42mm) to be able to fit both of the quartz movements in there. Then again, with the quartz, the case is kept fairly thin (7mm for those keeping score at home).

So, on one hand, the Janus Dual time is a simple implementation, but they up things a bit by having a lot of details and textures going on on the dial, and Swarovski crystals set onto the crowns. Which, hopefully is enough for potential buyers (well, it must be because the project is fully funded). Why? Well, I say that because the pricing seems a bit ambitious, with early bird pricing set at $279. Sure, they’re limiting the numbers produced, but it’s to 500 pieces of each different colorway being made (which are named after various world cities).

As with all Kickstarter projects, caveat emptor is the advice we give. Check out the project and make sure you know what you’re backing. The campaign for the Janus Dual Time will be running until May 20, with delivery anticipated for September 2020. campaign page

Tech Specs from Janus

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