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RGM makes a new GMT


The last American watchmaker, RGM, has just announced a new partnership with cyclist Richard Sachs to create a watch that blends American design with American manufacturing and true American brawn.

This beefy GMT looks just on the edge of one of those Kickstarter-style “we cut out the middleman” quartzes but, thankfully, Roland and his team at RGM have taken things a step further. Note the unique hands, the amazing GMT design, and the beautiful caseback. Those are the little differences that makes me so excited for this piece.

It’s available for pre-order now and it only comes on a strap:

To order the watch, a 50% deposit is required, and the balance is due when the watch is ready later this year.  The price of the watch is $4750 on strap. An optional stainless-steel bracelet will be available later.

RGM has long been a grail watchmaker for me and I love this new piece. Too bad we can’t get more truly American-minded watchmakers out there. Perhaps tariffs and the coming thermonuclear global winter will encourage small manufacturers to spring up in the heartland again? Here’s hoping!

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