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Howard Schultz had better hide his Daytona


When you run for political office everything matters. You always have to wear a suit – but not anything too nice – you have to drive a car – but nothing fancy – and you have to wear a watch. And that watch shouldn’t be a Rolex Daytona.

Watches are a signifier and a Rolex Daytona signifies that this guy has a watch more expensive than most used cars. Ultimately, most presidential candidates wear something like a Casio F91w-1 or a Timex Ironman, watches that you buy at the pharmacy, put on for a few years, and then give to your presidential library if you win. At this point in the 2020 election cycle I doubt Schultz and the other candidates have to worry too much about which watch to wear but here’s our WWR tip: don’t wear anything fancy come late 2019, friends, or eagle-eyed watch nerds will call you out.

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