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Can you tell your chronograph from Shinola? The Shinola Canfield Sport can!


Ok, I know I’ve been throwing you a lot of men’s style stuff the past few days.  Let me make it up to you and talk about a watch that was just announced earlier today – the Shinola Canfield Sport.

Ok, so no surprise that I’m talking about Shinola, right?  I mean, they’re calling my old hometown home now, and I like to see ol’ Detroit doing well.  Past that, I like the watches being created.  Not everyone is precisely my jam, but I think the designs have an overall language that works together nicely.

Now, with the Shinola Canfield Sport, you might be surprised that I’m covering it, as it’s a chronograph.  And I’m generally, well, anti-chronograph.  I would say that I still am, for the most part, but I can see the allure here on this watch.  For me, I like that, even though it’s a tri-compax layout, it’s the upper two registers (only) that are indented, which gives things a slightly off-kilter look.  In some watches, that kills things for me, but here, I dig it.

As you can see by the full gallery down below, the Shinola Canfield Sport is being released in a variety of styles, and even in two sizes.  The 40mm model will be powered by the Argonite 5040.D movement, while the 45mm gets the most-complex movement Shinola has assembled, the Argonite 5040.F (which also brings along a day-date complication, and outer ring date indication).

While the 45mm Shinola Canfield Sport may be the more technically advanced model, I find myself drawn to the more compact 40mm version – and, in fact, we’ll have one of those in for review in a little bit (so expect more on that later).  For now, we’ve got these images, and of course pricing details.  Pricing for the Shinola Canfield Sport starts at $850, and tops out at $1,100 for the 45mm model on the steel bracelet. shinola.com



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