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HourTime Show: Chris Vail of JanisTrading, NTH, Lew & Huey


Chris Vail makes watches we love, whether it’s the Lew & Huey Spectre, Phantom, or the NTH subs, Antilles, and Devil Ray. Take time to listen in as he gives us a piece of his mind about what it’s like to be a microbrand watchmaker. Check out his watches over at JanisTrading.com

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  1. Loved the Podcast with Chris! While listening to you guys talk about watches is always enjoyable, the in-depth discussion on the watch industry itself was awesome. I could have listened for hours. Chris’ bullish outlook on the potential revitalization of the American watch industry is truly inspiring. The more discussions of this type, the better as far as I’m concerned. Keep up the great work!

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