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The Bell & Ross BR-X2 brings some tech to the tourbillon


Bell & Ross, famous for making instrument-inspiried timepieces, seems to have outdone themselves yet again in both form, function, materials, an audacity. Enter the Bell & Ross BR-X2 – a sapphire enclosed, see-through toubillon that’s unlike any other.


As an automatic movement, the BR-X2 features a self winding rotor – the semi-circular weight that coverts hand motion into watch winding motion. However in this case, Bell&Ross has shrunken the size of the rotor down to a very small section taking up 1/3 of the back of the watch. It’s clearly visible through the sapphire back/ It’s incredible that this small mass can wind the watch fully.

Fused Sapphire Case and Automatic Movement

The BR-X2’s most striking feature is certainly the curved, square sapphire case front and back. Bell&Ross has incorporated this precisely formed piece of sapphire to not only act as the crystal, but to also make up major structural components of the case, and act as part of the structure supporting the movement – truly a feat, and great looking too. Unlike the X1 Tourbillon Sapphire, there are some stainless steel elements making up the X2 – which I prefer to the Tourbillon Sapphire X1.


Finally, what’s a $65,000 watch without a Tourbillon? The BR-X2 has one too, prominently featured on the front, with the iconic Bell&Ross ampersand integrated into the cage.


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