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The Butler OOOI is out, off, on, and in


Butler Watch is run by pilot Corey Butler. It is a labor of love for Butler and his watches are aimed directly at pilots and pilots-to-be. Take the OOOI Analog, for example. This new crowdfunded watch features a digital readout with quartz analog movement. The piece costs $459 for early birds.

The movement, an ETA 988.333, has a pair of analog hands for the hour and minutes as well as two small LCD readouts for chronograph, timers, and alarms. It’s a clever, rarely seen movement and Butler stuffs it inside a handsome steel case with Superluminova lume.

What does OOOI stand for? “Unless you are involved in aviation, you probably are unaware of OOOI. OOOI is an esoteric acronym meaning Out Off ON IN. All pilots record OOOI times for a flight segment; aircraft OUT of the gate, wheels OFF the runway into the air, wheels ON the runway, and aircraft IN the gate.”

Butler plans on shipping in August and is halfway to his $9,000 goal. Just a little more and the OOOI can come in for a landing.

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