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The stars at night are big and bright deep in the heart of Seiko


The Grand Seiko 8 Day, Seiko’s latest addition to the GS family, is inspired by the night sky. The face, which is beautiful to begin with, has been carefully painted to represent the night sky over Japan, an extra little feature that send lovers of sushi, bullet trains, and tentacle anime home with a flutter in their hearts.

The watch runs a Spring Drive movement and the face was created by Micro Artist Studio, the team that created the face. From the release:

The Spring Drive caliber is identical, but the watch presents an entirely different view of the beauty of Japan, inspired by the night sky in the mountains that surround the Micro Artist Studio. The 18k rose gold case frames a black dial through which the stars twinkle just as they do on a clear dark night in central Japan, adding extra depth and richness to the dial.

This model comes with an 18K rose gold case and costs $42,000 MSRP. That’s right. A Seiko for more than a Honda. However you are getting the best Seiko has to offer with a handmade face, case, and movement and some of the most striking dial art I’ve seen in a long while. And if you get caught on a raft in the Sea of Japan maybe you can use the watch to guide you home? It could happen.

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