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Help Design the new Prometheus Manta Ray



Prometheus is a brand that I started working with pretty early on in my watch writing career here at WWR. While we may not have gone hands-on with their products for a little bit now, I have definitely kept tabs on what the company is producing. Their latest effort is going to be a redesign of the Prometheus Manta Ray. As things are in the design phase, you actually have a chance to give your input on what the final watch should be like. If you’re interested in participating in that, just head on over to this forum thread and drop in your two pennies.


Of note, I find it particularly interesting that the watch is planned to be offered with either an ETA 2824 or a Miyota 9015. In a way, it’s a sort of “pick your price” way to go, and certainly gives collectors some flexibility. As the design firms up, and things get closer to the Indiegogo launch, we’ll bring a more complete look at the Prometheus Manta Ray. prometheuswatch.com

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