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Our last couple of EDC posts took a look at the longer form articles and topics that Everyday Carry had produced. Today, we are going to get back to what is perhaps the most user-engaging feature, where users submit either a good-old “pocket dump” (where they empty the contents of their pockets and send in a photo), or an organized look at what users carry with them on a daily basis, which generally gets into things that are carried along in a bag as well (not just in the pockets).

Having just tried out a Kindle Paperwhite from our library, I have to say I am mightily impressed with the reader, and think it does make a great addition to a carry, especially if you commute on transit. Of particular interest to our readers will be the three watches this banker has in rotation – an Apple Watch, a G-Shock, and a JLC. You can check out the full rundown of what this guy is carrying right here.

As always, if you submit your own EDC to the site, please be sure to drop us a line so we can gather up the reader submissions to do a roundup. everydaycarry.com

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