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Introducing the Projects Watches Meantime



If you find yourself drawn to watches that take design inspiration from industries outside of watches, we have shown you over time how Projects Watches can fit that bill. The pull designers from all walks of life and put together some rather interesting designs. No, personally do not find myself drawn to each and every one, but I can certainly appreciate the decisions that go into making what they make. One of their more recent releases is the Projects Watches Meantime.


The Projects Watches Meantime features the same Miyota quartz we saw showing up in their “On The Right Track“, but the design takes it in a much different direction. This watch is very firmly in the camp of minimalist design. Hour and minute hands are there, but they are done in a white that blends in with the dial. Perhaps not so great for at-a-glance readability, but it fits a stark design.


What really stands out are the hashmarks around the edge of the dial. Which may seem odd, given how un-emphasized the handset is. Turns out, those hash marks are actually the seconds indicator. They are printed onto a translucent disk which rotates over the main handset, providing a constant reminder of the passing time, even if you may not know exactly what time it is. As it’s designer Denis Guidone states, it’s in the “ meantime it is time that passes.”


The Projects Watches Meantime is housed in a 37mm stainless steel case and comes on a silicone band. Combined with the 30m WR rating, this is not a watch you will swim with, but it’ll hold up to the occasional splash of water. You can pre-order your Projects Watches Meantime now at a price of $140, with watches anticipated to ship in early June. projectswatches.com

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