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Mondaine Helvetica No 1 Smartwatch, Railway Approved


Ahead of its world premier at Basel 2015, The Swiss Railway Watch Company (and the company that sued Apple over it’s iPhone clock tile design) has announced a smartwatch.  The Mondaine Helvetica No 1 Smartwatch will be a connected analog watch with a sub dial used to track progress toward a goal.

Mondain Helvetica Smart 01The watch will have bidirectional communication with your phone, so the watch will serve as a fitness/sleep tracker, transmitting data to your phone, while the phone will communicate back with the watch for progress toward your goals and other activities.  The watch will have a brushed stainless case, a sapphire crystal and will come on a leather strap.

Additional details, such as sizing, depth rating and the movement have not yet been announced, but should be soon.  I consider watches of this ilk to more of a connected watch than a true smartwatch, but I also prefer this type of technological connection, and not a redundant screen which puts a bunch of data in a tiny window constantly in view.

The watch will be available for sale in the Fall of this year and will retail for around 850 Swiss Francs, or $890 US.  It looks like the watch will be paired with Motion X Software on your phone, which is the company behind the Jawbone Up software.  You can view the full press release from Mondaine here.  mondaine.com

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