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The Watch Video Rewind for November 9, 2014



Welcome back to our regular installment, the Watch Video Rewind.  Today, we’ve got just a single video, but its a longer one covering a question you have either asked yourself, or been asked by someone who knows you are in to watches.

That question:  Why can you have two different watches that look very similar show up at two different ends of the price spectrum?  This is something I am sure many of us have thought about, especially as we started in on watches.

This is also a question you are likely to get asked by friends and acquaintances that know you are in to watches.  In today’s video, we have a walk through comparing the Hamilton Khaki with the very affordable Timex Expedition.  Both are field watches, and both are very similarly styled.  Check out the video for a breakdown of the differences between the watches.

And with that, we’ll wrap up this edition of the Watch Video Rewind.  If you have a video you think the world needs to see, feel free to let us know.

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