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A Few Interesting Sales Over at ToM


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It has been a bit since I brought you word of some intriguing sales over at Touch of Modern, and there are two interesting ones live now, one from a brand we’ve reviewed here previously.  So, let’s see what some of the sales over at ToM are.


If you couldn’t guess from the logo up top, the first brand we’ve got up is Refined Hardware.   On the sale page, they’ve got four different watches (the Robber Baron, two Project 4 models, and one Project 2 model) and one fountain pen up for grabs, all around 25% off their normal prices.  The brand pops up here now and again, and for those intrigued by the looks of the design language, it’s a nice savings.


For those who want something a bit spacier and higher-end, there’s no better candidate than the MB&F Starfleet Machines.  On the sale page, you’ll find two different Starfleet machines up for grabs, as well as a handful of other designs from L’Epee.  Not sure if the Starfleet is for you?  Check out Ariel’s review of it right here.

You’ll also find sales on Andrew Marc, vintage Cartier, Void, and Welder watches.  Pretty sure they’ve got just about something for everyone at the moment!  Oh, and if you don’t currently have a Touch of Modern membership, you can sign up for free using this link (which will also net you a $10 credit to your account).

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