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The Watch Video Rewind for July 27, 2014



It’s Sunday, so that means it’s time for some lazy morning watching, courtesy of the Watch Video Rewind.  While past installments of this series have had a handful of videos in them.  As with last week’s installment, we’ve got just a single, longer-form, video for you.

Today, that video goes by the name of Timepiece: The Poetry of Independent Watchmaking with Philippe Dufour and Vianney Halter.  As you can tell, we’ve got some bigger names popping up in this particular video.

As I watched this, I was first struck by the high quality of the video, and the great music involved.  This really gives things a feel of a well-done documentary, which helps you digest what amounts to be an interview with these two men.

While it only runs about 10 minutes, it is well done, and I feel worth your time to give it a viewing or two.

Tip of the hat to Quill & Pad for highlighting this video

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