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Want Input into a Watch Design?



Help create a watch design?  You know you want to!  The next question is, can you make it in person to an event in Montreal?  If you answered yes to both of those, and you can spare $1 CAD, or you can’t do the 1st two and want to get on the mailing list for a new watch, check out Division Furtive’s new kickstarter campaign.  Patrick took a look at their last kickstarter project, the Type 40 back in 2012.


For this campaign, Division Furtive is not offering a watch, but rather the chance to sit in on a design focus group to provide input into their next watch, the Type 50.  If you attend the event, you also get a keychain, and by supporting the event ether way, you will get updates on the project, which will be launched on a Canadian-based kickstarter platform.  The event is stated to take place in June, which I don’t think will happen since the campaign will end in July, but it will be this summer.  The event will be at ETOH Brasserie in Montreal (Yelp page), a nice looking spot with local beers, other drinks and nibbles.  division-furtive.com



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