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Happy Memorial Day



Today in the United States, of course, it’s a day known as Memorial Day.  While military watches come and go (and we’ve reviewed quite a few here in the past), I’m still of a mind to focus in on a particular type of watch that spent a lot of time on the battlefield in the days gone by.  That watch is, of course, the trench watch.  While you won’t find them being carried in our military today, they were definitely in heavy use in the past.  For more on this topic (as well as some new ones being made today), check out our post from a year ago.

While the styling is certainly unique, and not for everyone these days, they certainly do have an interesting appeal – especially if you’ve had one handed down to you from your dad or grandfather.  For the rest of us, you’ll be looking for a “new” trenchwatch.  For those, you can see what Doughboy has on offer right here.

Once you’re done with your reading, get out and enjoy the day – and be thankful for our freedoms that so many have sacrificed for.