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Your Next Smartwatch May Be From… Nissan?




Yes, that’s right – Nissan is (sort of) jumping into the smartwatch game. Truthfully, it’s only a concept at this point, but it’s a fairly intriguing take on what the wearable tech could be used for – analyzing data as you put the pedal to the metal.

The watch is being developed as something specifically for the Nismo product line at Nissan (aka, their racing and motorsports division). The watch is intended to monitor all sorts of data from the car, as well as reading some biometrics from you (ie, your heartrate is up, perhaps it’s time to back off a bit!). It sounds like this is actually branching out from something a bit more rudimentary that Nissan has had in the works and been testing out on the racetrack, so perhaps we’ll see this come as a checkbox on the dealer order sheet some day.


Rather than hit you with a wall of text on this piece (as it is still a concept), check out these videos. The first is a flashy, PR-style video for what the watch can do. The second one is actually the more interesting of the two, as it’s an interview about the design of the watch, as well as the logic that went into creating it.


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