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If You Like Your Time, Better Put A Ring On It


Our inveterate crowd-funding surfer, Matt Himmelstein, is back with another rather interesting project for your consideration.  Rather than a watch you strap to your wrist, this is one that slips onto a finger. Read on to see what he found!

The Ring Clock (Ring Watch?) is a very interesting take on what can be accomplished with modern electronics to transform a watch, yet still keep it clean and functional (Indigogo).  For $185 to $210 (depending on the level when you jump in), you will be getting a stainless, rechargeable LED backlit stainless steel ring, that happens to tell the time.  The video is a little short on operational details, but it looks like you nudge the ring a bit and backlit LEDs light up indicating the hour (24 hour style), minute and second ticks.

I don’t see the dimensions on the page, (other than a ring size chart), but it looks fairly stout, so it might be pretty large for a woman’s hand.  The battery is also not replaceable (though it is rechargeable), and with a projected 3 year life cycle, that might turn a few prospective buyers off.

As with the Kickstarter projects I normally see, you are funding a project in development, so delays are not uncommon, and the final production of the project may end up being a little less slick that the photos.  But even with all that, this is a pretty cool design.

Editor’s note:  initially, I was concerned as I was only seeing renders in their video and on the project page.  A little further down, though, you can see they are actually carving some steel, so that’s somewhat more promising.  We’ll be reaching out to the brand to see what other information they can provide.




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