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A Smart Watch Roundup




We gave you our take on the MetaWatch (here) earlier this month, one of the current wave of smart watches.  It certainly is up in the air as to whether or not these will stick or be relegated to the dustbin of history.  If you’d like to jump into the segment, Matt came across an article that gives a nice overview of the options.

Not surprisingly, the darling of the roundup turns out to be the Pebble, though this Wirecutter article is really damning it with faint praise.  In  short, they’re not particularly a fan of the various smart watches (ie, watches that sync via bluetooth to your phone) that are out there.

Metawatch IMG_8680

Based on their recommendations, though, if you get one, the Pebble is your best bet, with the Metawatch being a very close second in their book.  If our review piqued your interest, you’ll definitely want to read the article for a survey of the segment.



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