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Refined Hardware Adds A Tourbillon



 Remember back in January where we introduced you to the Refined Hardware Harbinger (here)?  Well, that model is sold out now, but they do have a new one in the works that they’re accepting orders on.

They’ve added  a tourbillon movement to the mix on this outing, with one of three options – a PVD (McQueen), steel (Gatsby), or bronze (Rearden) case being the major choice.  Any guesses as to which is my favorite?

Regardless of the model you chose, you’ll have these specs:

  • Movement:  automatic with 42-hour power reserve and flying tourbillon
  • Case:  45mm (12.3mm thick) with a 35mm sapphire crystal
  • Limited Edition:  only 33 of each will be made
  • Lead Time:  8 weeks to build after placing your order


As with the Harbinger, these watches do have a raw aesthetic to them, really looking like something put together in a workshop (especially in the side profile view).  Counter-balancing that, though, you’ve got the refined touch coming from the hand perlage finish present on the dials.


Coming in at $2985, you’re definitely making a vote with your wallet in the confidence you have with this new American brand.  I’m interested to see how these progress, and hopefully see something a bit more on the affordable end of the spectrum come out.  And, if we can wrangle a review sample, we’ll be sure to give you our honest impressions.



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