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The Refined Hardware Harbinger




Thanks to a reader tip, we learned of a new brand based out of L.A., Refined Hardware.  Let’s have a look at their first model, the Harbinger.

Now, based on the name of the company, you might be tempted to expect an extremely polished piece (literally).  Surprisingly, though, they’ve gone for much more of a raw machined aesthetic.  The 45mm case is of course the most visually interesting part of this watch.  It definitely seems like something you’d see someone turning out of their garage workshop, albeit with a higher level of figurative polish.  This would include the titanium fasteners that you see around the face.

Inside the case, as befits the raw case, you’ve got a skeletonized movement.  RH is calling it blueprinted – and while I have some idea of what that means in an automotive sense, I’m not quite sure how it applies to the watch.  Regardless, with a claimed 48-hour power reserve, this doesn’t seem like it should be some “el cheapo” movement.

And, at a price of $1285, I would hope that it’s a well-honed and -tuned piece ticking away in there.  Befitting the price as well, this is a limited edition model, limited to 125 pieces worldwide.  Oh, and should you decide to order one?  That’s when the watch is built – not a minute before.  Which, I suppose, might open up some opportunity for customization if you get in touch with them.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the design they’re putting forth here.