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REVIEW: AirNautic AN-24M 24-Hour Watch (Part 2)



Yesterday, we started to take a look at the AirNautic AN-24M (from Ocean7), covering some of the design inspiration for the watch, and why it’s split out from the main Ocean7 line (or, at least, my take on it).  Today, we’ll get into the details of this 24-hour watch.

Of course, you can’t have just any old movement driving a display quite like this.  Here, Ocean7 had a 6497 (manual wind) movement customized for them by Soprod (in Switzerland) to accommodate the requirement.   Of course, with it being a manual wind movement, it means you have a really nice view of the decorated movement through the sapphire caseback.

The 44mm case (14mm thick) itself has been sandblasted and cold carbon hardened.  The hardening process brings the case material up to about four times the hardness of regular 316L stainless steel.  This means you’ve got a very scratch-resistant finish that should stay looking sharp for some time to come.

Tuck in (well, press in) the domed sapphire crystal (AR coated, of course), lock in that crown (which has four(!) gaskets to ensure a seal), and you’ve got a watch that has a water resistance rating of 100 meters.  Of course, if you head on down below the water, it might seem a bit odd to take something that looks like it was taken from the dash of an old airplane – but hey, whatever floats your boat (or sinks your sub, I guess?).

Frankly, there’s a lot that I like about this watch.  From the gauge-inspired dial, the great color scheme, and the 24 hour layout, this is just not like much else I’ve come across lately.  And, with it being a limited edition of only (50) pieces, you’re not likely to see another one like it anytime soon.

Exclusivity and uniqueness do carry their own burden within the watch world, however – price.  Here, the AN-24M can be yours for just one dollar short of a grand.  If you ask me, though, I think this is definitely a (good) case of getting what you pay for.


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