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Do you ever find yourself wishing that the act of telling time was as simple, and tactile, as flipping a light switch in your home?  If so, then the folks at Watchismo have got quite the surprise in store for you.Aptly named the “Click Wall Switch” watch, it resembles a squared-off interpretation of modern wall switches.  Rather than firing up an incandescent bulb, however, you’ll be lighting up LEDs on the face of the watch display the time or date.

The LEDs shine through the plastic on the face, adding a bit of geeky charm to the proceedings.

Practical?  Absolutely not – this is firmly in the whimsical camp.  But, it’s certain to grab some attention (this sucker is 45mm x 47mm), and it’ll give you something to fiddle with if boredom sets in.

Watchismo has the 4 colors (black, blue, red, white) on sale for a tad under $100.




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