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REVIEW: Ocean7 Meteor Ceramic (Part 1)



It’s been awhile since we took a look at the sapphire bezel beauty from Ocean7, but it’s still be one of my favorite watches that I’ve reviewed.  Will another model from them live up to that standard?

The watch this time around is their Meteor Ceramic (LM-4 V2), and, unsurprisingly, features a ceramic (external) case.  Why the disclaimer?  The case is actually made in two parts.  There’s the buttery smooth ceramic on the exterior, and a steel core inside.  Why did they do that?

First and foremost, it allows for a screw-in caseback, as well as allowing the domed sapphire crystal to be press fit.  On cheaper ceramic-cased watches, you may find it’s actually a press-fit caseback and a glued-in crystal – but not here.  Which means you have a higher quality assembly that should be a lot more durable, as well as facilitating maintenance.

Of course, that steel core is going to bump up the weight over a full ceramic case, but at 4.5oz, this is right in line with what you might expect from a full steel watch of this size.  But back to that ceramic.  As I mentioned previously, it makes for an extremely smooth feel for the case, as well as a very uniform finish.  Yes, some PVD cases might approach the look and feel, but this is a whole other level.  It’s hard to put into words, but if you’ve felt a ceramic case, you know what I’m talking about.

And for now, we’ll leave you with that though.  Tomorrow, we will dive into the rest of the watch, and wrap the review up.


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