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REVIEW: Armitron Skeleton Automatic (Part 1)



Over the last few days, we’ve been sampling some different models from the Armitron catalog, and today brings us to the one that has been my favorite of the three that were sent over for evaluation.

As the title of this post states, this is an automatic mechanical – something I was rather surprised to find coming from Armitron, given my past knowledge of the brand.  Additionally, this is a skeltonized piece, so you can see that movement working away in normal wear (or even if you take it off, as it has a display caseback).

As this was my first experience with a skeleton watch, I was a little uncertain how readability would be.  I’m happy to report that I found it eminently readable – though you might be tempted to stop and watch the movement working away when you  check the time!  That readability carries through to the night as well – while the lume isn’t blinding, it’s there and useful.

In terms of aesthtics, the watch fit the bill in my book.  The use of color (blue, gold, and chrome) on the movement liven things up a bit, and the alternating brushed/polished look on the case and bracelet work well.  I’m a little undecided about the bezel – it’s fixed in place, and has non-luminous markers on it.

Not that this is a thick watch, but perhaps excluding that would allow it to be a bit thinner, and draw your eye more to the movement.  It seems especially redundant when you realize that the same markings are printed on the ring that’s between the crystal and the face of the movement.  Perhaps something Armitron can look to correct in the next version.

Tomorrow, we’ll take a look at what you see when you flip the watch over!



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