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JLC Believes Thin Is In


And after looking at this watch, I have to agree!  Jaeger-LeCoultre offers four extremely thin models in their Master line; today, we’re going to have a look at the Master Ultra Thin Moon 39.  Now, when I previously featured a thin watch in a post, I was enamored.  However, JLC has upped (or would it be lowered?) the ante with this 9.9mm thick watch.

For that barely-there thickness alone, this is a watch that should grab anyone’s attention.  I can only imagine it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything on your wrist.  However, a thin watch that packs some serious horology under the dial?  That doesn’t just grab your attention, it sits you down for a lecture.

So, without further preamble, here’s what all is inside of this watch:

  • A 39mm stainless steel (or rose gold) case
  • Sapphire crystals front and back
  • JLC 925 Calibre automatic movement (4.9mm thick)
  • Moonphase indicator with concentric date indicator surrounding it
  • 43 hour power reserve
  • 50m water resistance

You have to admit, there’s a lot packed into this thin package.  Of course, as with most things technological, as the overall size shrinks, the price goes in the exact opposite direction.  From what I’ve found online, you’re going to be well north of $10,000 if you go hunting for this watch.

Of course, if you just want the “one dress watch to rule them all”, I feel confident that this JLC will be one stop shopping for you.  For me, however, I’d be hard pressed to pick this watch over the Zenith I posted before.  Sure, you lose the moon phase and date complications, but you do get a thinner watch that’s much more affordable (at least by comparison).