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Rafa Nadal’s Richard Mille RM027: Laughably Light


Our buddy Hodinkee got some hands-on time with Rafa Nadal’s Richard Mille RM027 watch. The verdict? It’s amazingly light:

You just can not, despite everyone around you telling how light this piece is, fathom just how light this piece is in your hand until you experience it yourself. And when you do, you can’t help but laugh in amazement.

We’ve hung out with a lot of really light, really high-end sports watches recently. The FP Journe Centigraphe in all aluminum was pretty damn light, as was Bubba Watson’s Richard Mille. But, the grand-daddy of ultra light sport watches is the Richard Mille RM027 Tourbillon made specifically for Rafa Nadal. The thing is just shockingly light, and no picture or video could ever relay how incredible this piece is, nor after wearing it, how badly we want one.

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