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And if you want a digital alternative to the Eos? Check out YES Watch!


I have to give credit where credit is due.  I had never heard of Yes Watch until I wrote the post on the Martin Braun Eos, and a reader suggested their timepieces as an alternative.  One obviously benefit is that they’re quartz (rather than mechanical) so they’ll be a lot easier to adjust should you move, travel, or pick one up on the secondary market.

For this post, I’ve selected the World Watch II to focus on.

While initially quite simplistic to read (just look at the digital display to tell the time), close examination will reveal that there’s more to what this dial is telling you.  In addition to the standard time, you can also tell:

  • When sunrise and sunset are
  • Where in the appropriate solar or lunar cycle you are in
  • It can also keep track of your home and away locations, automatically

For further details on how this all works, I really would recommend that you visit their website.  You also see rather quickly that these prices are a lot higher than you’d normally expect for a quartz watch – this one in particular starts at $595.  You do get additional rubber and leather bands – and if nothing else, you pick up an amazing amount of technology and timekeeping to place on your wrist and keep you on schedule as you jaunt around.