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HourTime Help Desk #2 with D Freemont and Chad Rickicki


An interview with David Freemont McCready from DFreemontWatches.com and Chat Rickicki from Chad the Watch Guy. I’m having some trouble getting the Mevio link up, but I’ll put it up shortly.



  1. Thanks for the interview with David Freemont McGready.

    Over the years, I have bought multiple watches from DFreemont and have always been a happy customer. In particular, I have two of the Mt Palomars and they are the best value in terms of price, quality and design of all the watches I have collected.

    I hope you bring David back for a second interview.

  2. Im happy for yah mate, good to hear the your not just satisfied with the watches you bought from Mr. DFreemont . hope to see some photos of your collection for more awe moments cheers 🙂

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