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The Welder K29

The Welder K 29; the Beast of San Marino

53 millimeters of steaming hot steel from San Marino. It’s massive, it’s sexy, it’s red and black, it’s got three movements, and it’s from the coolest little country noone’s ever heard of.

With a chrono and two other time displays, this beast from the mountains surrounded by Italy is awesome. The movements are Miyota, it also comes in a silver dial with black hands and an all black model, and it comes in a heavy duty, air tight, carrying case. With the cut-outs on the dial and exposed allen screw heads, this watch has the whole heavy industrial look like nobody else, which is really ironic from a quaint little nation that you could walk across in a morning (in good mountain boots).

Prices are around $1600-1900, and more information is available from Welder America, or from their offices in the Republic of San Marino, at welder.sm.

That this thing comes from a country that has 39 km of borders, all with Italy, and about 61 square km of area (a third of Washington D.C.), and a population of about 30,000 just makes it so much cooler.