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LUM-TEC launches the C series


CG favorite Lum Tec just came out with the C series of heavy lume watches. The C3, shown here, has a PVD case, tinted crystal, black dial with GX lume, and sells for $395. The best part? LUM-TEC is using a restored vintage automatic movement in these, essentially recycling old movements for placement into a new case. That’s the first I’ve ever heard of anyone doing that and it essentially circumvents ETA’s draconian sales policies while adding a touch of class. Good stuff.

It’s $395 right now, soon to rise to to $595.

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  1. Nice find, I kind of like those.

    The web page says that they’re using old Russian movements though, not ETA movements.

  2. What do you do with this unnamed, random Russian “vintage” (refurbished) movement when it craps out or needs service? ETA may be draconian, they may have a monopoly, but the other side to the argument points out ETA’s ubiquitous presence, quality control and ease of service… This could have been a success with a Miyota automatic or even a high-quality quartz movement. Why didn’t LUM-TEC go that direction?

  3. I own one of these and like to wear it. The AR coating on the crystal scratched easily, though, and I’ve since polished the cystal to remove the exteior coating.

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