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Velociphile says “Horology is Dead”


I’ll comment on this shortly, but I want to put this up before I forget about it.

Horology, which has become reduced to a market serving platitude. With popularity, watches have become predictable, and regrettable. Horology’s fundamental ideals are compromised for the market, lost in plain sight, leaving only the impurities precipitated from it. Here’s the bottom line for me: I still like watches and properly executed horology. One generation ago the hobby didn’t even have a name. The internet and resultant communication between like minded enthusiasts did spur the market and lead to some great new things. It’s what came on the coattails I have a problem with. The saving grace is that the two edged sword of success gives some companies the ability to invest in true horological innovation; it’s just harder to see the wood for the trees.

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