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Another product launch


We received this product launch e-missive from the Scorpion Watch Company announcing their new Reef Diver. head on over to their site where you can catch a glimpse of it before they drop in December of this year. You can pre-orders yours right now for $799, and the forward thinking folks at Scorpion will let you use PayPal or GoogleCheckout.

Head on over here for more views

Greetings Dive Watch Enthusiasts,

Please visit www.scorpionwatch.com to see the actual debut photos of the SWC Reef Diver!

The Reef Diver is in the final stages of production and should be shipping the first week of December. If you are on the pre-order list, we will contact you separately.

Please contact us with any questions/inquiries.

Thanks for your interest.

Denver, Colorado


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