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A Tale of a Vulcain Cricket


My buddy Amit lives in Nigeria now and just bought a Vulcain Cricket GMT to celebrate a new job. He wrote a bit about his experience and it was quite moving.

I tell you what, buying the Vulcain was a real
extravagance but I didn’t do it on a whim. I’ve always known that I would
buy a nice watch at some point and when I saw the thing in a shop window I
knew that would be the one. I then made an agreement with Claire that I
would only buy it if/when I got my next job. So that watch waited for me
in that shop window for five months. In fact, although we then bought the
watch when my new job had been agreed in principle, I didn’t wear it until
the paperwork had been completed and that took another three months!! I
had my wife hide it in the house and then had to try and forget about it.
It was agony!!

People at our stage in life, with burgeoning
responsibilities/whatever/blah blah/ do need to be prudent about when and
how we spend money. But a nice watch does bring immeasurable pleasure to
someone who appreciates these things. So my advice is; give yourself a
meaningful goal, find a watch that grabs you by the balls, and then buy it
when you’ve reached your goal even if it takes a few years. And buy it
from a shop, not online, so you know for a fact that its legitimate and it
becomes a real occasion; And you can walk out with the thing on your wrist
or at least carry it out in its box. Better yet, go to Switzerland and buy
it there. Well, I say that but I don’t know what taxes are like there. So,
go to Dubai and buy it there….

And once you’ve bought it, wear it all the goddamned time. Apart from
working out and showering, I basically wear mine all the time (yes, even
here in Nigeria). One thing that was key for me was buying one that I
loved regardless of how much cachet the brand has; I knew damn well when I
bought it that most people have never heard of Vulcain. I didn’t know much
about the company myself and only started to research them after I saw the
watch and it had already grabbed my nuts. To be honest, the thing is a
little fast; I’ve noticed that it gains a minute or two after a couple of
months but it doesn’t bother me in the least.