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The Truth Behind the eBay Aeromatic


I’m going to be posting a review of the Tauchmeister, which is in the same vein, but here is more info on the Aeromatic, a notorious eBay brand. Also, check out our review here.

Aeromatic1912 and Tauchmeister1937 do obviously have the same source.

It´s not a German watch in terms of german knowledge, german watchmaking tradition, skills and chraftsmanship.
Most (if not all) of these watches are of chinese origin. They pretend to be luxury watches or “fine watches” and “exclusive watches” but they are not. But to admit that – they are affordable.

They maybe are assembled in Germany and therefore (due to a lack of a legal term) “Made in Germany”.

The consensus here in Germany/ on german watch fora (like watchbizz.de) is that Tauchmeister/Aeromatic is an “Ebay brand” made for online selling. So somebody out of the Frankfurt/Main – area came up with an idea, a name, a “history” and a homepage.

I wouldn’t buy them because I dislike that they “make” themselves a very famous exclusive German brand, which is a fairy tale. Imho a mechanical Seiko would be the better choice.

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