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speedyillusm.jpgLadies in the house, put up ya hands. Oh, none of you are wearing this silly little Louis Vuitton watch? The one with diamonds that light up in the shape of the Eiffel Tower?

Oh, well.

Speedy Twilight [wristfashion.com]


  1. Wondering if host will ever hold a ‘best of’ watch-vote where the readers of this blog name their top three or four fave watches?

    So far my list of top watches that I have first witnesssed here (and have become so dazzled by, that I am making plans to purchase) are these:

    Mondaine Swiss Railways Watch
    Orange Monster

    If they were within my price range, I would buy some of the aviator watches displayed recently, too: the ‘Aircraft8’ and the Bell&Ross. They are seriously pricey though (for me, anyway). Apart from that, I also kinda like the Vostok(?) diver watches that have the U-Boat look to them. In terms of design that I appreciate, but probably wouldnt purchase, I like the “reveal” watch.

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