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Fossil Canning Wrist Computers?


Fossil Abacus AU5005 Wrist PDA with Palm OS - Black

Looks like there’s a big move afoot to can the SPOT and Palm OS PDA watches.

Fossil removed all MSN smartwatches and Palm OS PDA watches from their site. A couple weeks ago Fossil.com was dumping the Fossil Palm OS Wrist PDA for $79 until it was sold out. Now together with the MSN smart watches they are gone from their site – Another dead end for computer wristwatches?

You can still get them for about $49, which is a pretty good deal. I enjoyed the one I wore for a while, but it just wasn’t very practical.

Click the image to pick it up at Amazon for about $44.

Fossil Stopped Selling Technology Wristwatches [WristDreams]

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