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Jayhawk’s Watch Photograph Database


Jayhawk collected just about every Seiko and Citizen model there is, leading to a 15,000 image collection of EVERYTHING. Very nice.

The following database contains over 15,000 watch photographs that have been contributed by numerous members of watch forums and from a wide variety of other Internet sources.

Jayhawk’s Watch Photograph Database [Jayhawk]



  1. Extremely good site, best seiko site on Internett.

    But I miss my Seiko.
    Do you have any information to put on your site?

    Seiko – SQ 50 printed on dial and date window
    Yellow / Beige Dial
    Mov – 7N42-7CO8 printed on dial
    Mov – 7N42-7B10 >A4

  2. I have been all over the internet looking for information on my seiko watch. My wife gave it to me for my birthday in 1995. It has a gold bracelet, a black face with the letters sx right above where the 6 would be. On the back it says Seiko water resistant base metal st. steel back V701-1K00 R1 (in a small box), TL and the serial number is 324603. Any info would be appreciated

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