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Price Fixing vs. ‘Spensivity


Everyone wonders why watches on-line cost much less than watches in the store, and there are a number of very complex explanations. However, when you buy at a bricks and mortar store, you create a relationship. When you buy online you send tendrils into the ether. Which is better? Even I don’t have an answer. But here’s a great thread about Price on WUS.

If your’re an AD, you don’t want to get your’re franchise pulled because
you over discounted. It’s far better to walk them instead. For most dealers,
Rolex and Cartier are their “bread and butter” lines and if there’re pulled, there’re doors may close soon afterwards. The margins on Patek, Panerai,
Rolex and Cartier are so thin, overdiscounting is like cutting your own throat. It’s stupid to discount Panerai, there’re at least five waiting in line
willing to pay full-pop, but if your’re a big customer, deals are made.

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