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Impending Burst of the Watch Bubble?


Velociphile is saying the unthinkable. The watch bubble? Burst? People will always pay $10,000 for a Franck Muller with golden hands. The world is just thirsting for a $6,000 dubiously waterproof diver with a fat Unitas movement in it? What a fool!

The number of people asking “which are the best investments” just don’t have simple answers. Of course it’‚Äôs possible to make money buying and selling watches or there wouldn’‚Äôt be any dealers….. but right now….phew, you’d better have a collection made up of things you actually like. Right now the more relevant question is “which is best for value retention.” Having had a superheated market, with sky high list prices, out of proportion premiums on complications and the persistent marketing of the myth that because you could buy a watch in 1950 for $1000 and sell it for $5M now, it makes sense to “invest” now, I really believe we’re seeing some common sense finally intervene.

As usual, top-notch writing and top-notch commentary.

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