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Watch over the prairies with some new Bulova Frank Lloyd Wright watches


For myself, I’ve always liked the style of Frank Lloyd Wright. Something about all those crisp lines – even when curved – just really speaks to me. Of course, having his studio here outside of Chicago to be able to tour certainly helps as well. If you’re like me, and like Wright designs, these new watches that Bulova just announced are probably going to be of interest.

Just released: the Oris Hangang Limited Edition


We’ve seen quite a number of brands releasing watches to support various environmental issues over the last year, and Oris is no stranger to that effort. We’ve seen them focus on reef restoration, Movember, and ocean cleanup. Now, they’re looking to help clean a river in South Korea with the Oris Hangang Limited Edition.

A roundup of some recent Projects Watches releases


Even in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, watch brands are still releasing new watches. Some releases have been pushed back, but others are charging forward, given the long lead times that the development cycle can engender. While these aren’t the newest of the new, Projects Watches has still released some interesting new pieces that are worth having a quick peek at.

Now funding: the Vilhelm Prism


As a brand, I’d say that Vilhelm is not afraid to take chances with their designs. We saw that with their inaugural Elemental (covered here) or the Talos (here) which took the Elemental design and mixed up the materials used. Well, now we’ve got a fully new design, along with one of our favorite materials making the debut in the Vilhelm Prism.

Ran out of things to listen to? Accutron is here to help


How, you might ask? Sure, they’re supporters of the Grammys, but this isn’t about music. No, you see, Bulova is embracing the Mad Men pitch of ““It’s Not a Timepiece. It’s a Conversation Piece” and launching a brand-new podcast, The Accutron Show.

Introducing the Laurent Ferrier Grand Sport Tourbillon


Ok, ok – “introducing” is a bit of a stretch, as this is a watch that hit the streets all the way back in April. That said, it’s been on my list to write up because it’s just such a surprisingly cool, sleeper-style watch. Let’s have a peek at what the Laurent Ferrier Grand Sport Tourbillon has hiding under the hood.

Just launched: The MAALS Giri Ventiquattro


Hey, do remember MAALS? We went hands on with their first model (right here) a little over two years ago, and now they’re back with their latest creation, just launched today on Kickstarter: the MAALS Giri Ventiquattro.

The Giorgio Fedon 1919 Skywalker is so weird it just might work


Hanging out on Massdrop I spotted something that is just weird enough – and cheap enough – to be worth a second look. It’s called the Giorgio Fedon 1919 Skywalker and it costs $179 for a 24-jewel SII Japan NH39 movement inside a case that owes allegiance to the Panerai brigade.

Tom Ford is introducing interchangeable bracelets


I know what you’re thinking – because it’s the same thing I thought when I got the press release. That being that, well, changeable bracelets aren’t really an innovation. Sure, quick release spring bars are the newer hotness, but it’s been done. But what it seems Tom Ford has done here has taken the idea of a pass-through textile strap, and applied it to a bracelet.

Is the Rado True Thinline Anima the watch of 2020?


Well, not in the sense of representing the year, given that this year really isn’t in anybody’s top anything given all the problems. But, if you’re going to limit yourself to releasing 2020 pieces of a watch, well, the tie-in is there. This new Rado True Thinline Anima takes everything we like about the True Thinline and dials it up a notch.