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Happy Thanksgiving!


Cheers from all of us at WristWatchReview. Thanks for reading us, thanks for hanging with us, and thanks for being the nicest group of watch lovers on the Internet. All the best to you and yours from Joanna, Victor, Neal, John, Patrick, and Nicholas.

Bawk bawk!

Now (second-chance) Funding: The Liv Saturn V


We’ve seen all manner of brands hitting Kickstarter for their watches, and more and more, we’ve seen established brands going back there. While some may not care for that, I see it as another distribution channel. Recently, the Liv Saturn V had a successful campaign, and now they’ve got a “second chance” deal going on their site to get your own.

Now Funding: The WTIF sapphire watch


With watches, we’re very used to sapphire showing up in the crystals, both front and back. We’ve also seen some VERY high-end watches starting to use the material for the entirety of the case. Those are firmly out of the reach of most of us – that is, until the WTIF came onto the scene.

Compressing time with the Christopher Ward C65 Super Compressor


Back over the summer, we brought you word of the new Christopher Ward C65 Super Compressor (seen here). This time around, we’re back with some hands-on impressions that we gathered after spending some time with a review loaner.

If you want a sporty regulator, look no further than the Alpina Alpiner Regulator Automatic


We’ve written about – and reviewed – several different regulators over the years. Most of the ones I’ve handled seemed to have been firmly dressier pieces, with thinner cases and dressier dial designs. On the other hand, the recently-announced Alpina Alpiner Regulator Automatic is very much a sportier watch.

This new Breitling celebrates the Outerknown

Superocean Heritage '57 Outerknown & Superocean Heritage '57 Outerknown Limited Edition (rigtht to left)

A new Breitling model looks like something Ranger Rick would wear if he could fly jets. Called the Superocean Heritage ’57 Outerknown, the brown and tan watch “expresses the cool, laid-back lifestyle associated with the surfing scene in Southern California and Hawaii in the 1950s and 1960s.”

The Moser Streamliner Chronograph gains a blue dial and potentially looks ever better


One of the most interesting sports chronographs of the year has now joined Team Blue Dial. The H. Moser & Cie Streamliner, which we first wrote about 10 months ago (although it feels more like 10 years ago), will soon be available with what the Swiss luxury watchmaker is calling a “funky blue” dial. Who says Switzerland doesn’t have any fun?

Introducing the Oak & Oscar Olmsted Matte


Back when the first version of the Oak & Oscar Olmsted was released, we of course brought you word (seen here). I tend to like the stuff that they produce (and hey, they’re local to me in Chicago, so bonus), and it has a very consistent design language. Now a new version is hitting the streets (for pre-order), so let’s see what all you can get with the Oak & Oscar Olmsted Matte.

Hands-on with the Rado True Square Automatic


If you recall, a few months ago we brought you word of the Rado True Square Automatic (seen here). I liked what I saw from the photos there (and based on my prior experience with the brand). A little bit ago, I got to spend some time with this squared-off watch.

Now funding: the Panthevm Roma Avtomatic Ocvlvs


Watches can draw inspiration from any number of things – nature, automobiles, planes, and so on. Less frequently we see watches take inspiration from architecture. That’s where the Panthevm Roma Avtomatic Ocvlvs focuses in, calling Rome it’s inspirational home.