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Accutron “goes green” for their 60th Anniversary


Well, to be fair, it’s the Empire State Building going green on October 25th, to celebrate their 60th annivesary. They’re also giving you a chance to win their book (which we wrote about) over on their Instagram account. Embrace the electrostatic!

Introducing the Citizen Arezzo collection


Since it’s mostly guys writing about watches here at WWR, those are what we tend to write about. And frankly, that’s shortchanging a whole slice of watch brand catalogs, and we’re trying to do better with that. One of the latest to pop up is the brand new Citizen Arezzo collection.

Doxa turns on the colors – dive watches in 6 brilliant hues you won’t believe

Photo Taken In Northern Mariana Islands, Saipan

Doxa is no stranger to color. They were the first brand that launched a dive watch with an orange dial. And it wasn’t just about doing something different- orange is more visible at depths underwater. But now, they’ve gone further, with 5 new colors to the lineup.

Introducing the Hamilton Khaki Converter lineup


When you’re thinking about aviation-oriented watches that have a bezel-based slide rule on it, you’re likely thinking of one of two brands – Breitling, or the Citizen Nighthawk. Now, those present on two very different ends of the pricing spectrum. Want something a bit more down the middle? That’s where the new Hamilton Khaki Converter watches come in.

The KAAL Multiverse isn’t an alien from another solar system- it’s a watch you’ll love


The KAAL is like nothing we see around these parts. It’s unusual, and very well made. It’s a high-spec piece of funky other-worldliness, and it’s cool. And it’s on kickstarter, right now.

Another military edition – the Christopher Ward C60 Lympstone


Christopher Ward has definitely embraced expanding their watches into military designs. We actually brought you a hands-on review of one of their more vintage-oriented ones. If you prefer your military watches to be more modern – and approved by a military branch – then you’ll want to take note of the Christopher Ward C60 Lympstone.

Hit the depths with the Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Deepquest II


So, last week, I wrote about the first Ball watch with flat tubes on the handset, the Ball Engineer II Timetrekker. In that article, I had wished to see flat tubes on the dial as well – and wouldn’t you know it, that’s precisely what the Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Deepquest II has on offer.

ZUM, the watch with a face a robot could love, on Kickstarter


There are many wristwatches, and sometimes they all blend together. The ZUM is a regulator watch – meaning, the hours and minutes hands aren’t centrally located. This one’s a little different – and if you don’t move fast, you’ll miss it.

Seiko is shipping its Street Fighter watches to Chun-Lis and Ryus everywhere


First announced over the summer, Seiko’s limited edition, 43mm Street Fighter watches are now trickling into stores worldwide. And while we haven’t yet worn these Seiko 5 Sports-based pieces ourselves, there does appear to be enough here to entice fans of the long-running fighting game series. Hadoken!

Prototype fun with the Yema Superman Bronze


Over the last year, we’ve been fortunate to go hands-on with quite a number of the models that Yema has in their catalog. You may have caught word that they recently launched another one on Kickstarter as of late, and we got to spend some time with a prototype of the Yema Superman Bronze.