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Our August Giveaway Commemorates An Anniversary


AVI-8-Flyboy-Automatic (10)

That’s right – for me, August marks a milestone of sorts for me here at WWR – it’s when I officially came on board, and had my first watch article (ever) published.  Given that this means I’m marking my three-year anniversary here, I thought we’d do something a bit different for our August giveaway.


For starters, how about the fact that it’ll be for three watches, and not just one?  Not too shabby, eh?  The watches in question are:

Given that this is a bigger giveaway, I’ve also adjust the social entry on the widget below.  Basically, every day you tweet about the contest, you’ll get another ticket in the virtual bucket.  When things close out, we’ll have the three winners picked, and your comments below will help to determine who gets what.  In the event of a tie, we’ll work through in the order that the winners are selected.

Fjord Agna 4.jpg

Good luck to you all!


For those of you who have won recently, please let others get in and get a chance



  1. That’s a tough one!! I’d have to go with:

    1.) AVI-8 Flyboy
    2.) Elliot Brown Canford
    3.) Fjord Agna Chronograph

    Very generous giveaway guys 🙂 Thank you all so much!

  2. Have to go with the automatic AVI-8 Flyboy first, Elliot Brown Canford next, and last is Fjord Agna Chronograph. Great to see an automatic in the giveaway!

  3. For me it would be:
    1) Elliot Brown Canford, love the look of that dial.
    2) AVI-8 Flyboy, love this one too but I already have two pilot watches.
    3) Fjord Agna Chrono, my least favorite of the two because of the gold plating, but it would make a decent addition to my collection.

    Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on the anniversary!

  4. Some sharp watches. Congrats on your anniversary! Really like the Avi-8, I have yet to get a pilot watch. Elliot Brown is my second favorite of the mix, and then the Fjord.

  5. My prefrence in order is:

    AVI-8 Flyboy
    Elliot Brown Canford
    Fjord Agna Chronograph

    Of course the Flyboy is my favorite.

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  7. My order of preference is:

    1) Fjord Agna Chronograph – Don’t have a nice chronograph and love that white face
    2) AVI-8 Flyboy – Being in the Air Force myself, yes please!
    3) Elliot Brown Cranford – Beautiful watch as well 😀

    Crossing my fingers and thanks guys!

  8. Fjord – nice vintage look
    E. Brown – Clean fresh style – modern dial
    AVI – really don’t care for big crown pilots…just sayin’

  9. Alright so ranking the three watches:

    1. Elliot Brown Canford – impressive face
    2. Fjord Agna Chronograph – dynamic design
    3. AVI-8 Flyboy – modern

    Thanks for the opportunity! Good luck all!

  10. All three watches are crazy good! But personally:
    1) Elliot Brown Canford (went through its review and fell in love!)
    2) AVI-8 Flyboy
    3) Fjord Agna Chronograph

    Wrist’s etching and fingers crossed. Thank you!

  11. This is so great!

    For me, it’d be:
    1) Flyboy
    2) Canford
    3) Chrono
    Thanks for creating such a consistently-rewarding blog!

  12. Very fun giveaway! I’d probably stack them up like this:
    1- Elliot Brown
    2- Fjord
    3- Avi-8
    The only reason the Avi-8 is at the bottom is that I already have a Flyboy in my collection

  13. Goodness gracious! All of the watches are GORGEOUS, I’d be thrilled with any of them, but if I had to choose I guess I’d say,
    #1 – Fjord
    #2 – Elliot Brown
    #3 – Flyboy

    My Air Force hubby comes home in September, it would be SUCH FUN to surprise him with a new watch! Thanks for the chance. xoxo

  14. Thanks to you and especially the sponsors.
    My preference order is
    1) AVI-8 Flyboy
    2) Elliot Brown Canford
    3) Fjord Agna Chronograph

  15. My favorite is the Elliot Brown Canford then the
    FJord Agna Chrono and finally
    AVI-8 Flyboy. But
    There all really nice watches!

  16. Those are three fantastic looking watches. My preferences happen to be in order:
    1 the AVI-8 Flyboy
    2 the Elliot Brown Canford
    3 the fJord Agna Chrono

  17. Nice giveaways, all three can suit me on different occasions – and the order will be as follows:

    Elliot Brown Canford (+ some SS bracelet)
    Fjord Agna Chronograph (with nice brown leather band)
    AVI-8 Flyboy (as is or NATO strap)


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